The Dutch Django Association is proud to announce another Django Sprint on March 7 and 8 in Amsterdam! Everyone can join to make the Django framework even better! During the 2 sprint days, we will contribute to Django together. Triage or solve tickets, easy or hard ones, improve existing patches, make the documentation better, take your pick! 

You will probably need some experience with Django and knowledge of Python, but the bar is not high. We'll have four core developers on site: Baptiste Mispelon, Markus Holtermann, Daniele Procida and Erik Romijn. The core developer's attendance is funded by the Dutch Django Association and Divio.

Daniele will also be doing his famed “Don’t be afraid to commit” workshop, which will take people new to contributing to Django through the entire contribution process with real tickets. So please don’t hesitate to join even if you do have some experience with Django, but you’ve never contributed to Django before.

See the event page for all the details.

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