A donation of $ 4500 by Django Under the Hood and the Dutch Django Association has completed the 100% goal of the fundraiser for the Django Fellowship Program, run by the international Django Software Foundation. The Django Fellowship is a project where paid contractors are engaged to manage some of the administrative and community management tasks of the Django project to support rapid development of Django itself. The program has already had a major positive impact on how Django is developed and maintained.

The now donated funds form part of the proceeds of Django Under the Hood, organised in Amsterdam in November 2014 by a team of core developers and DSF members, facilitated by the Dutch Django Association. The DDA has a program specifically to facilitate events like Django Under the Hood and was delighted to see not only the success of the event, but also the financial outcome. Part of these proceeds have now been donated to the DSF as a contribution to the fellowship fundraiser. The remainder is used by the DDA for the support and facilitation of future events and for other programs like the Dutch Python Namibia travel grant, which aims to support the growing African Python community, and in particular help them build long-term connections to the Dutch and other western communities.

The DSF has now extended the fundraiser goal from $ 30.000 to $50.000, which would allow the Django Software Foundation to hire two full time Django Fellows for the period of four months. Once that goal is reached, they will focus on making the program sustainable by making it easy for everyone to create a smaller recurring donation.

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