Dutch Python Namibia travel grant

The Dutch Django Association (Django Vereniging) and Python Namibia are proud to announce the Dutch Python Namibia travel grant. The grant will cover the attendance cost of one member of the Dutch Django Association to attend and contribute to Python Namibia, 2nd-5th February at the University of Namibia in Windhoek. With this grant, the Dutch Django Association aims to support the growing African Python community, and in particular help them build long-term connections to the Dutch and other western communities.

Applications for the grant have now closed, and the grant has been awarded to Loek van Gent. Further details are in the blog post.

Python Namibia 2015

What will the person do in Namibia?

The person receiving the grant is expected to actively contribute to the conference, probably in the form of a presentation and a workshop, but other suggestions are welcome. It is also important that this person builds connections with members of the local communities, and fosters those connections for the long term.

See the Python Namibia programme for the different activities planned at the conference.

There are basically four different kinds of activities that they can contribute to:

  • talks
  • hands-on workshops/tutorials/installation parties
  • collaborative coding (sprints, clinics, working on projects together)
  • community: mentoring, planning

When the person receiving the grant comes back, they will be expected to do a presentation at a Dutch Django meetup about their visit.

Who could apply?

The grant was open to all members of the Dutch Django Association. However, one could also still become a member before applying. Applications were only considered from those that completed the grant application form and either were a member already, or followed the steps to become a member (e-mail and payment), completing all this before the closing time for applications.

Corporate members of the association could also participate, but can only send in a single application.

How did the selection process work?

The three board members of the association selected the winner together with a representative of Python Namibia. The board members could not qualify themselves for the grant. The jury considered the story on what they intend to contribute to Python Namibia, how they plan to build long-term connections, and any previous experience they have in such activities. Note that the time for which they've been a member, or a part of the Dutch community, is not a factor in judging. Please don’t hesitate to apply, even if you’ve only become involved in our community very recently.

What will the grant cover and how will the grant be provided?

The grant will cover travel and stay at Python Namibia, for the duration of the full conference. The organisers have waived the conference fee for the receiver of the grant. The receiver of the grant will stay in the recommended conference lodging, possibly the university’s student dorms. The exact details of how the grant will be provided will be worked out together with the receiver. They may be asked to enter into a basic contract to ensure the grant is used for it’s intended purpose.

There does not appear to be a visa requirement for Dutch nationals. The receiver of the grant will need to ensure they do not require a visa, and is responsible for arranging any vaccinations or other necessities.

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