Event support from the DDA

Within our mission, we organise and facilitate Django related events in the Netherlands. There are several ways in which the association can support events.

Event facilitation

The association can support independently organised events. We can act as a legal entity that has formal responsibility and can therefore sign contracts. We also have funds to help organisers overcome cashflow difficulties.

This means the association doesn't necessarily sponsor the event. We can help by making advance payments to venues or other costs. However, we do expect later income from sponsoring or ticket sales to cover this, preferably leaving a small profit to the association. We will make specific agreements with you about this, and about the maximum funds we can make available. The association will use any profits to support future events and other activities.

Event sponsoring

In special cases, the association can itself sponsor part of the costs of an event. We strongly prefer the model described above, where other financing is sought for the event cost, so that we don't deplete the funds of the association.

Requesting support

If you would like the association to help with your event, please get in touch with the association board on: [email protected] You can write in English or Dutch.

In your request for support, please include, as far as known:

  • The description and dates of the event.
  • A budget detailing your expenditures and income.
  • Any previous experience you have with organising events.
  • If you are expecting to find sponsors, describe how you expect to find these.
  • If you are selling tickets, describe the breakdown of ticket pricing.
  • If you are asking for sponsoring, rather than just facilitation, please motivate why you are not covering your costs by seeking funds elsewhere.
  • How much you expect to need to pay in advance, i.e. before sponsor or ticket sales come in.

Please note that:

  • The decision to support or not support events is at the discretion of the board.
  • All events supported by the association must abide by the Django code of conduct.
  • You will typically be responsible for things like setting up ticket sales, ensuring the funds end up in the association's account, and finding your sponsors.

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