The Django Vereniging is a Dutch association with open membership. All members are invited to the annual general meeting and vote together on matters of the association. But most importantly, becoming a member means supporting the Dutch Django community!

Becoming a member

The association has a personal and business membership. The membership is open to anyone: you do not have to be Dutch or live in the Netherlands, or be an experienced developer.

The fee for the personal membership is € 10 per year, the business membership is € 70 per year. No VAT is charged. Of course, we welcome any members that would like to donate more.

If you would like to join as a new member, please transfer the appropriate fee to IBAN NL35 ABNA 0545 55 72 24  (Django Vereniging, Amsterdam) and send an email to [email protected] with your details: your name, address and e-mail address.

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